Sometimes I wake up, and the sky is grey
When you’re not here, by my side
I see your makeup on the shelf and a photograph of someone else
And it freaks me out, like I don’t exist
Did we ever love, did we ever kiss
Do you ever listen, to what i have to say
As life unfolded, that one short day

However you want it, it’s my desire
Girl, you got me hanging, like a bird caught on a wire
We are so different, yet we’re the same
The things that I remember, that I wish I could change

Sometimes I wake up, as angry as hell
I feel deserted, I fell unwell
But it’s not your fault, no not at all
I was the reason, for our downfall
Sometimes I wake up, when I’m alone
As angry as hell, because you’re gone


You want your like back, but girl I’m not a thief
You told me that it’s over and that you were gonna leave

Now that it’s over x 6
It’s over