All the fine winds gone And this sweet world is so much older Animals pull the night around their shoulders Flowers fall to their naked knees Here I come now, here I come I hear you been out there looking for something to love The dark force that shifts at the edge of the tree It's alright, it's alright When you turn so long and lovely, it's hard to believe That we're falling now in the name of the Anthrocene All the things we love, we love, we love, we lose It's our bodies that fall when they try to rise And I hear you been looking out for something to love Sit down beside me and I'll name it for you Behold, behold The heaven bound sea The wind cast its shadow and moves for the tree Behold the animals and the birds and the sky entire I hear you been out there looking for something to set on fire The head bow children fall to their knees Humbled in the age of the Anthrocene Here they come now, here they come Are pulling you away There are powers at play more forceful than we Come over here and sit down and say a short prayer A prayer to the air, the air that we breathe And the astonishing rise of the Anthrocene Come on now, come on now Hold your breath while you're safe It's a long way back and I'm begging you please To come home now, come home now Well, I heard you been out looking for something to love Close your eyes, little worm And brace yourself