All my ice and all my trees, all my bitches in love with me
Rock star life, the life we lead, surrounded by rock stars
My niggas rocking gold like we're stuck back in the 80's
I seen my first M and damn near went crazy
I went and bought a Ghost and tried to crash a Mercedes
I fucked this nigga ho and almost made her my lady, hey
All my ice and all my trees, all my bitches in love with me
Rock star life, the life we lead, surrounded by a bunch of stars

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
How I'm gonna come on it, I just come on it
Another bitch, why would you put a bum on it?
Special Olympics, I'mma go dumb on it
No bike tricks, but I'mma stunt on it
A nigga talk slick, I'mma get Stun on it
A phone call might get a big gun on me
Who was on it?
Ain't a bitch in the game that'll do what I does on it
Be clear, cover Marie Claire
Million dollar show in India, she's there
My own drink, Moscato Myx now
They seen Freaks so it's pasties on they tits now
Cuban link up, queue the Brinks truck
If I was a nigga I'd be getting my dick sucked
Diamonds on my wrist, di-diamonds on my wrist
Ask Jason the jeweler, I'm cold
Simon on my wrist
Centerfold, pussy's fatter than most
They gotta send an M if she's leavin' the coast
My bitches rocking gold, yeah we was born in the 80's
Chanel Versace hoes at the Mirage out in Vegas, let's get it

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Future]
Hey, hey cordless money, I was done rocking my chains
I'm taking all my bitches, they say they takin' the blame
Don't love one more than the other, I love 'em all the same
I love em all the same
I'm tycoon status, I keep my hoes all in practice
Got money in the attic, making million dollar deposits
See I'm a Fetti savage, I get paper on paper
100 million carats, might give an M on a favor
That's a real nigga, bitch love a nigga like me
She ate that dog food, that bitch  it than me
Hey can you come for this money? Can you come for this dough?
Can you take off these diamonds that's hanging all on my rope?
I'm sophisticated, bitch she know I'm so bougie
Shoulda join a team, thinking of rolling the movies
Oh you like ball players? Ho you know I be ballin'
I'm jumping out the gym, I'm 'bout to fuck on some M's, yeah