Man wanna talk like they're down for the war
That's not war, that's not beef
That yout' said he was a section boy
But that's not Litz, That's not Sleeks
That's not Swift and that's not Inch and
That's not K9, that's not Reeks
Man said he's been on it from time
Looked at him like that's not Deeps

Boom, Man'a put Max on beat
Corn on cobs, wraps on cheese
Walked in the shop
Got racks not deets
Hoodie got goggs like that's not Deeps
I'm good with the box
Man'a put packs on streets
I'm being giving shots
Man'a say thanks just leave
I body you're squad
I don't take crap from neeks
They proabably forgot man are
Not bad, they're breeds
They probably forgot
Man are not one of them please
Man'a'man talk, not one of them speak
They're weak
Man'a'man grind and eat
They're not grime
They hide and fleet
Man no cry, man ride Patrice
If I pull up outside
Man hide, just beef
If a nigga buss high slugs
Fly high like bees
Fill a nigga upright with fries just eat

They used to think that I'm weird
Now they think that I'm harder
Plus, my friend got a beard
And he's looking Osama
Somebody get a chair
I can't stand in farmers
What you doing round here
Them man are just barbers
Gyal give me that Um-um
I make her say Uh-uh
She gonna give me the punana
Now tell you're friends about banana
Peng, peng, peng
Them man hate much
Don't hate on my brudda
Saw them they won't say much
What you sayin'
They didn't say nada

It's not that deep
See me in the street
Bare eight balls cause I broke down the key
Hype with me
Eight man stuffed in a jeep
And we coming down this heath
Touch my weed
Acting like you don't know
Nigga this is S4P
Cutting through Heath
That nigga owes me P'z
Chased him till he got weak
Nigga it's peak
Man can't phone me again
Delete my number I told him again
Gyal with the big back phoning again
Wanna FaceTime and show me her breasts
I just do my job
Get my prof'
Nigga stop watching me
Talking that I got boxed
Shut your gob, nah
That's not Sleeks

What'd you mean it's not that deep
Man talk like he won't get boxed in the cheek
Peak, wrote these bars last week
Them man are mooks
That can never be we
See, caught him on the road with O'z
Them man move so shook
Never gave a look
Likkle man tried to pipe up
Gave him a right hand hook
Talk about mook
Nah, I've never been a mook
Always been a crook
Never been shook
Thank God for the trips I took
I shout codes for the whips we took
Gyal wanna kiss this foot
I've got a little gypsy thot
And she gives head like Pixie does
And then she gone like pixie dust


See me in the streets
I be doing road with my bro's
Flooding up the strip with the O's
Tryna get P's
Man I know Niggas that squeeze
My bruddahs keep it sho
Talking bout Litz
Man'a come swift on the beat
Ask Deeps can't mess with the flow
See her in the rave
Got no P's in her purse
Like she got a dry throat
Asked it, still can't make dark skin sexy again
I'm a light skin ting
They wanna text me again
It's not that deep
They can't compare to the depths
Section, we the best in the ends
I heard it's a girl
But she left with my friend
She came on a bus
But she left in a Benz
No, I don't care where you're from
Bun your rep, you can still get hit with the skeng

Man are just talking loads
Real bro, we talking code
They say we just rap
I dunno, these times they don't look on road
Wrapped in cling
And my feet like Fred Flinstone
They drinking JD
My niggas smoking dope
Box him in JD
When he was looking at bro
Uck with the tongue ring
Got me feeling all grown
Ring, ring, ring, ring
Should've silent ringtone
Hard food like dumping
Feeding cats on my own

It's not that deep
Like Joker, why so serious?
We've been going in for a while
Now they wanna hear us
Man you niggas hilarious
Like a stand-up
I'm only gonna sit down with my bands up
From now I'm gonna run
Till my stamina runs out
Cause I'm up in for run up
Little niggas with them guns up
Bare Z's in the house
But I ain't going sleep now
I'm on the streets tryna renown
Then mama kicked me out
Me and B rolling through your ends
Watch me skid round
Get the youngers smoked
Still won't put the blades down
I ain't putting this gauge down
Section in the place
Everybody on the wave now