When I woke up, 6pm
Sleeping in your bed again
Your ghost keeps me lonely
All the while, I'm burning for you
For you, oh
And this could be just what you need
Just dim the lights, cut your ties
Break down this line, the mood is right
You burn inside of me
You're burnin' inside of me
You burn
And I'm still alive in you
I'm still alive
I'm still on fire for you
It's burning inside
Are you still thinking 'bout it now?
You're gone, you're gone, you're gone
And I'll be what you want
I'll be what you need
I can love you more

So what could be better
She tries to remember
A time when the weather was warm enough
To swim in September
Got sick and got better
By middle November
It tore me up,
The time was just flying
I'm trying, rewinding
Ask me if I'm lying
I'm yelling, you're crying
I love you I'm sorry
Let's drop it my bad
It's not worth the work
We put in what we have
After that
Dysfunction between us was getting to me
But maybe dysfunction is just what you need
And maybe there's comfort in rippin the seams
You can't reap what you sew
Til you learn what you teach,
So you left out of spite
And my pride watched you leave
And conjunction dysfunction was the greatest disease
The greatest
The greatest you ever had
The greatest in the world
And I'm still alive in you
I'm still alive,
I'm still all fire for you,
It's burning inside, 

No use in thinking bout you now,
You're gone, you're gone, you're gone
And you
And I'll be what you want

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