Take, take off your coat
Bring your body in from the cold
And I’ll be the smoke
Hold it in, exhale
The afterglow
Leave your love in the cold
Show me your geography

I’ll be the ignition
Gimme your permission
(You could be my)
Marilyn Monroe

Leave your love inside the cold
Take off all your clothes
Show me your geography

(You could be my) Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe...

[T. Mills:]
She’s all over my wall
Yeah she’s my pin-up
Never knew she came for nothing
She keep her chin up
Misguided, mislead, text message got misread.
I can't help that she batting them eyelashes, and her lipstick suicide wrist red.
Damn girl chill
Never hung out when you not off the pill.
Leave all your feelings at the front door
So what’s the deal
and you saying that you love me
Wish I could believe you.
Tell me why did all those others dudes up and leave you
There’s an underlying problem here
But I can't focus because
You’re lying there
Nothing but your underwear
Black lace, black lace,
and your make up on my pillow case,
Well if all you want is a quick fuck
We can do it here on the stairway
Oh, I thought that’s how you rolled.
You can be my Marilyn,
Marilyn Monroe

Leave your love in the cold
Show me your geography.

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