Sittin' on the interstate
The end of another day
Feeling tired, feeling beat up, feeling small
Sick of running this rat race
Coming last place
Feeling like I don't matter at all

The I walk through the door
She says "I missed you, where ya been?"
And just like that
My life has meaning again

Sometimes work takes her away
She's gone a couple days
I've overdosed on ESPN
Between reruns of sports center
One too many drive through wins
I love counting down the minutes
Till her plane comes in

And then she walks through the door
She sets her suitcase down
And then just like that
My life has meaning again

If there's one thing
I've learned in this life
It's that breathing don't make you alive
You need a reason
Some grander scheme why you're here
I've found mine

Sometimes I think
What's the point?
This messed up world were living in
And then she smiles
It all makes sense
Yeah, just like that
My life has meaning again

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