I once was asked how to make liberty’s idol last for centuries
I know, shape her out of pennies, paint her green with envy
She’ll be standin with her back turned, burnin, smirkin towards her enemies
She better be hollow from head to toe with horns beamin out respectively
Just ask pretty penny about her copper torch, shorts, and bad data
Must’ve made her mad, well, the way she turned her back away to fuck her neighbor
Green with envy, seen the ending with her forced force torch a saber
Ashamed of sister liberty, gimmicky sourced, and faith flavored
Both whores and finicky sports to play the game
Left sores and razor pissins, different day, the same invader
Drift away
It’s the way to ensure the surest source for paper
Ya’ll can either respect her cheddarish scepter or be a slave to
Ya’ll get me, God bless these snakes, bally fakes, and alley-gators
Walter Raleighed hate, coca-cola bottle flavored mothers and brothers without a say to
Or way to make the rent, pavement played and spent hence, cavemen make the sense
And fences for cash prayers
And past tense saviors
The same bitch’ll make you fly two planes just to awake ya
Dresses like a million bucks in cash favors
Makes me wanna Ralph Nader, ask Wheezy, Alpha Beta
It’s fast feces and mass sedaters, evil masked to master bait us into class rags
And mass graves through crack crusaders
Snakes with smart chips that wanna vaccinate us
Make us fat and racists, mad and rapists, glad it breaks us
So she cages us like larouche in the bottom of her blackest basement
Makes us fags for fads to keep us in our padded places
Hacks a cackled crash and asked us where our scattered faith went
Trash in her left hand, rats in her right, laughin how the rats altogether rappin, masses jaded

Stacked like a brick shit house, the louse that hates
On the shortest route to doubt for clout on an out and out to bait you
Shapes youth and euthanates truth do for take two
Soon as Pfizer breaks through she swoops her prey, elusive ain’t who
Just do it, flew into two traders, it’s today’s news
Right behind her back, gravity’s angel, with a great view
See she’s a true novice, (novus), ordo seclurum
See a skewed vote is just more dough to secure em
To a view broken and short rope to lure them
To a lewd token choking fool, blue for no insurance, boat cruise ignore the current
Divorce court adjourned with Gomorrah burnin
Squirmin like a whore in church, service to her person, worship through her purse width
Perfume fumes and vermin, loop de loop nooses drew in cursive
But why’s she cursin
Starts with lie (li) ends in birdie (berty) fly, a little worm told me it’s perverted
Give me your huddled masses backs so we can crack with burden
I once was asked how to make liberty’s idol stand for eons
She’d brandish a torch with no light on some stolen land she peed on
At the base it’d be a rat race poem for her to rest her feet on
The whole world stirred green with envy like that sheet she dons
I once was asked how to make liberty’s idol last for centuries
I know, shape her out of pennies, paint her green with envy
She’ll be standing with her back turned, burning, smirkin towards her enemies
She’d better be hollow from head to toe, with horns beamin out respectively

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