Rozay...Wiz...Roll up ladies and gentleman...Spitta

You think you got the bond cause I rolled you a joint?
I smoke with all mine, baby girl whats your point?
Don't front
You in the back of a long line
Trying to get in cause only members inside
Trees get twisted up like fingers and gang signs
Purple kushes broke my fall
I fell from a grape vine
Super high, from the free throw line 
I'm Drexler status, glide, ducking espionage 
Many jelous eyes scrutinize the rise 
But the jets in the house like the curtains and the blinds.
It hurts to see me shine that's why they frowning all the time
In they internet videos digital see befores
Angry orangutan I'm arranging my sneakers
I'm the action on the court
You the gum stuck to the bleachers
I think I'm Paul Pierce, I think I'm Rondo
High off the headband you dying on that hydro

Cuz we are.... we are.... super hiiiigh
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

[Wiz Khalifa:]
I thought of this fresh off a bong rip
My bitch next to me, getting undressed for me
Running bath water playing her favorite songs while I get another one lit
Don't usually smoke at all but you say tonight you'll take a hit that's understood
From the smell and by what I payed, you know its good.
Them niggas with me, they from the hood
Now we throw parties in the sky, I'm on the 42nd floor now thats super high.
Champagne, more paper planes than you could fly,
Them young niggas fail soon as they try
When the paparazzi flash
I be countin all this cash
Plotin a million and how to build a mountain out of hash, come on...

All these cars, all these stars, all around me (super high)
Put your eyes... to the sky, that's where you'll find meee (ooh ooh ooh)

Cuz we are.... we are.... super hiiiigh
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah


[Rick Ross:]
I'm gettin money no Illuminati
My pain never went in vein it's all over my body
Hit the spliff in my Mr. Bugatti
Kick it with my little homies I'm Mr. Miyagi 
I gotta buy my niggas each a pound
Tweakin up, ??, pass the reefer around
Spittin only lethal rounds, speakers beatin down
Not talkin much as when I say my niggas eatin now
Promoter gave me 40 thou, I think we even now
Pina colada papers, smoke the garden of eden now
Taylor gang is what we bleed about, jet setters in places you only read about.

[Wiz Khalifa:]
And now everywhere I go
It's so strong they ask me where I get my smoke
Bitches don't gotta guess they know
I keep one rolled up, we can do what ever you want
Smokin pina colada papers baby girl we don't fuck with the blunts...unless I'm with the boss

[Rick Ross:]
If your lookin for me you could find me in the Guiness book,
Only fly bitches ride with the boss take a look, I'm super fly...
I'm super high, you get yours, I'm getting mine

Super hiiiigh...super hiiiigh

Ay yo waitress, I need another bottle of that Rozay, I need another bottle of that Rozay,
I need another bottle of that Rozay, just order, just order, another bottle of that...rozay