Young Rozell, had to roll up a zip
Just a young hustla on house arrest, you heard? Uhh
Hey Post Malone swag em up
Spike my shit heavy, haha
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh

[Chorus - Post Malone:]
Saucing, saucing, I'm saucing on you
I'm swagging, I'm swagging, I'm swagging oh ooh
I'm balling, I'm balling, Iverson on you
Watch out, watch out, watch out, yeah
That's my shot, that's my shot, that's my shot yeah
Spending, I'm spending all my fucking pay

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross:]
Ferraris all in my front yard, baby girl on my Facetime
Backstage of Meek concert, we smoke good, had a great time
Crack spots to the colloseums, six mill that's
Double M we the money team, 49 and 0 come around with me
Websites my X trip, bore bore my next trip
Iced out, my neck drip, slip and fall, I wreck shit
Boss chicks never messing with it, in the spot with the best seats
Guiseppe heals, them jeans tight, she tatted up and she reps me
Riding round with my dope bitch, house parties be so lit
Her credit back from that school on, you got a dope boy, shawty don't trip
Be they get from that boy, what, Beamer coupe with them doors up
Deal with haters never paid much, that speculation don't say much, let's walk, c'mon, let's get it
Double M, biggest

[Pre-Chorus - Post Malone:]
White Iverson
When I started balling I was young
You gon think about me when I'm gone
I need that money like the ring I never won, I won

[Verse 2 - Post Malone:]
I got me some braids and I got me some hoes
Started rocking the sleeve, I can't ball with no Joes
You know how I do it, Concords on my toes
This shit is hard
I ain't rich yet, but you know I ain't broke, I
So if I see it, I like it, buy that from the store, I
I'm with some white girls and they loving the coca
Like they're OT
Double OT like I'm KD, smoking OG
And you know me, in my 2-3s and my gold teeth
Bitch I'm smiling, bet you see me from the nosebleeds
I'm the new 3 and I change out to my new 3s