They asking questions and I heard they even looking for me
Riding up and down the block, they showing pictures of me
Stash 100, 000 in my momma china cabinet
First one with the Rollie with the hundred carets
I'm a make it work, I'm a make it work
Diamonds all on my hands, know I make it work
I'm a make it work, time to make it work
100 carets in the Rollie, I'm a make it work

Ain't no pressure to a boss, I gotta make it work
It's the see my niggas flossing, why we do the dirt
Bet a mili on the Dolphins and you know we lost
Run in the locker room like it was Set It Off
Dolphins 75% fuck all the politics
Better take us to the playoffs so I fuck your bitch
Shooting dice with all my woes, we at the Superbowl
I'm like the title, I'm the one these niggas shooting for
Obama let my niggas go, change all the crack laws
When movie come on boy, we rebuilding the match box
On my knees at night, praying all my niggas safe
Ask God bless a nigga with a bigger safe
Blue cheese got it dripping out the shoebox
Take off my shirt and show my abs like I'm 2Pac
I show my abs like I'm 2Pac
Take off my shirt and show my abs like I'm 2Pac

Pulled up in Miami and told you niggas I'm a do it big
Hundred rooms, still adding on to my crib
Everybody take a loss, I gotta make it work
I done see niggas have to tuck in they shirt
I got the... my nigga I'm bout to flip again
Hundred mil off shore accounts and start over again
I blow the dice, drop the diamonds, and just let em roll
Got her heart beating fast but we fucking slow
Cripping every major city, keep it to yourself
Young nigga wealth
Get me a motor with no trannie, I'm a make it work
Watch me pull up in a Caddy
It's a cold game, it's why we pull the minks on
Black market so we gotta... home
I'm on a different thing let these niggas sing more
The pinky ring, the diamond watch, the shit you on

It's double M nigga, it's double M
Rich niggas, rich niggas, rich niggas
Make it work
Know Miami bitches make it work
Bitches bout to make it work
New York city in this bitch... make it work