Tell me how you feel
I feel like the grass is green
And everything I do is unseen
But I know that’s just in my mind
I know everything is just in my mind
Do you really wanna to be famous?
Do you really wanna be a superstar?
Do you really wanna get dangerous?
Do you even know where the groupies are?
Bitches out here be shameless
And I really wonder where they parents are
Look around, everything changes
It feels like I've been buried alive

Everything happens for a reason
People only in your life for seasons
Word to Aunt Viv
Death and taxes that’s all we given
You can make a life but can’t make a livin'
You can make it work but that still ain't driven
Give a lot but that still ain't givin
Livin' life like this ain’t real though
Every night like this I feel so
Dead wrong, collision is head on
My vision is dead and gone
Perception of right and wrong
I been here so very long
Right here in this very song
Look around everything changes
Seem like everybody just strangers
Don’t go outside cause it’s dangerous
Why everybody wanna be famous
I’m so OCD if they notice me
I might jump out the grave so they know it’s me
Man everybody want this shit for free
Hand out palm up when they get to me
In my mind no I never let it get to me
Everybody got a time will it get to me
V’s up motherfucka that’s victory
Tell me why what I’m doing ain’t shit to me, damn

Buried alive, buried alive
Will I survive?
Buried alive
I gotta know
I gotta know
It feels like I’ve been buried alive
Buried alive

Let it breathe
I'm feelin' this villainous feelin inside of my mind
Every time that I’m willing I feel like I'm killin' my dreams
When that voice goes nah, nah, nah
Listen up now
Love it or hate it, never debate it, you can never degrade it
While all these other motherfuckers probably thinking
I made it
My mind jaded no I never evade it
I elevate it just to keep it innovative (innovative)
God damn, bring it back now
Blowin' up like Iraq now
RattPack put me on the map now
No we never back down
Just take my time, I just take my time
I know, Imma get it like this
So everyone know that I did it like this
Yeah, I know
Imma take my time
Battle the image inside of my mind
I know, Imma keep going
Tell me I can't but I'm already knowing
I know, I'm gonna rise
Even though I've been buried alive
Buried alive, will I survive?
I gotta know
I gotta know
It feels like I've been buried alive
Buried alive

[Outro - Thalia:]
Let it breathe
A Tribe Called Quest
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
And films by Quentin Tarantino
Were in rotation constantly
Throughout the duration of this album's creation