(Look at this nigga; little bitch; can't rap... You white!; Mother fucking bullshit; Fuck outta' here with that shit)

[Verse: Logic]
Baby you got me confused, with one of them other dudes
Under they breath mumblin', shout out to Spitta I'm crumblin'
All these haters that want it homie I keep it a hundred
Never fronted while you stunting acting like you hate it but really want it
I swear to God when they talkin' shit it just make me smile
Cause you ain't no hater my brotha' just a fan in denial
Every time that you hate on me I get stronger when risen
Judgin' these lyrics by my skin homie that's racism
My momma white my daddy black but ya'll don't even listen
Judgin' by only what you see that's (eye-tistic?) division
And (then the end?) creates an intellectual collision
But if you listen to my words then you would see my vision
But that's enough on that subject homie I'll make you flaunt
On the tour bus, four of us, the weed's gone
But I ain't smokin', I'm just writin' while homies tokin'
Playin' this game until that shit is broken
Fuckin' with honeys 'til they panties soakin'
Feelin' victorious, hella glorious, my story is gonna be depicted by
Me and my team that's  that did it big like Notorius
Haters talkin' shit gon' get the (goriest?) of 

(Yo, that shit is whack yo;
Man what the- maaaaaan that shit was weak yo what the fuck was he talkin' about, errything he said made sense;
Maaaaan, that's some bullshit;
I mean- I mean you can't say much you know what I mean like yeah he spit you know what I'm sayin' like
His lyrics is good and- you know, he kill it- with the flow but, man that shit sucked though yuh)