We get higher and higher
Crazy blue
Like St. Elmo's fire
Love's so sharp
And flat
That it's hard to know just where you're at

From the back to the front door
Dealers on the Southside sellin on their front door
Little bit of weed, little bit of crack, whatever you need
While I'm sellin out shows in the ice cold
Shout out to the homies in the front row with the blunt rolled
That waited for hours in the snow just to see me flow
So you know I gotta stay after the show
'Cause if Chi-Town show love, I'm a show love
Outside, no gloves in the wintertime
'Cause I'm hungry like dinnertime
Stayin for every single one of my fans
Autographs 'til I couldn't feel my hands
Just a man with a plan, but you wouldn't understand
I get high by the notes, you get high by the gram
While you smoke to this
Reminisce when I wrote to this
Up-and-comers take note to this
We get it done on tour, waking up before the sundown
Lake Shore Drive shooting videos
On the block getting spotted by them city hoes (Hey!)
I know I never had to wonder if it's love or not
Shout-out to the homies up at Juggernaut
For keeping a motherfucker fresh, hell yes
No contest when it comes to gear in the city they be the best
Love my girls outgoing in my City, Chi
But it's MD 'til the day I die

We get high
Oh so high
That my mind is in the sky
Shorties love it when I rub it
'Cause I never leave them dry

We get high
Oh so high
That's what they say in the Chi
I get high
You get high
'Cause I'm the one that supplies

Shout-out to the Bobby Soxer girls that just love the flow
Chillin out late night with the weed lit blunt split and the paper rolled
RattPack smoking loudpack yeah they 'bout that
Haters talking shit yeah I never doubt that
With the GPS flow we re-route that
Road to riches we be 'bout that
Getting money like Oprah
Fryin' motherfuckers like Okra
Put your L up if you're a smoker
Full-time toker
Everything I got that's what I'm given no division 'til it's over
Sleeping on the Young Sinatra like a sedative
Now they on a brother's dick, so repetitive
And they wonder why (and they wonder why)