[William Kai:] Yeah, then the bitch said “use a condom”
And I said “baby, there’s like 10 people left in existence, fuck does it matter?”
[Quentin Thomas:] You didn’t say that
[William Kai:] Man, yes I did
[Quentin Thomas:] No you didn’t
[William Kai:] I’m a grown ass man what? I’mma lie to you?
I’mma lie?
Alright, maybe I just thought it but damn
She was just so butt naked
I’d wrap up with a trash bag just to get it, you know what I’m saying?
[Thalia:] Guys, we seem to be approaching another ship
[Quentin Thomas:] What?
[William Kai:] Impossible
[Quentin Thomas:] How far?
[Thalia:] 32 Kilometers
[Quentin Thomas:] Shit. HQ this is pilot Quentin Thomas accompanied by my first man in charge of infantry William Kai of the Aquarius 3 come in over
[HQ:] HQ here what is it Thomas?
[Quentin Thomas:] My program has just informed me and my partner of another ship that’s now 31 kilometers out
[HQ:] Did you just say another ship?
[William Kay:] Yeah, that's what he said, another fuckin' ship in the middle of space, man
[Thalia:] I’ve gathered information from the ship’s motherboard
[HQ:] Engage the ship
[William Kai:] What?
[Quentin Thomas:] Copy
[Thalia:] I’m receiving audio embedded in the ship’s distress signal
[William Kai:] Man why white people always gotta go investigating shit man
[Quentin Thomas:] Shut up Kai - Thalia play that message
[Thalia:] You got it
[Christopher Smith:] This is Captain Christopher Smith of the Aquarius 1 the year is 2093
Time unknown. The entire crew is dead. And I fear these are my last hours
Whatever you do, do not come knocking
[William Kai:] Aw hell nah we gotta get the fuck outta here man
[Quentin Thomas:] HQ engagement is a no go permission of the Aquarius 3 to push through to Paradise
[HQ:] Permission granted
[William Kai:] Man thank God