I remember back when these thoughts escaped me.
Cleaning the slate, but those thoughts still remain and I...
Hid it well even though it hurt.
What they said to do would’ve been the worst.
So here we are now.
We smile at eachother while we’re held in arms.
And our glasses over the plates;
These are the best times, the best times to this date.

I’m not fooling anyone and one look was all it took before I was done.
And I’m just drifting with the wind as your cold hands touch my skin.
You were never one of my next guesses. (You were never one.)
And there’s no better way for me to put this.

Our dance-floor is wherever it just needs to be.
We like the summer-time and drinking peach iced tea.
But we buy into all of these, these crafted words and make believe.