Baby I'm coming
Baby I'm coming
Hit it from the back
She say "Baby I'm coming"
I say I wanna ride
She say "Baby I'm coming
Baby I'm coming with you, with you
Everything fleek so they hating on you
I'mma be right here waiting on you
Oh, I fell in love with the girl with the double barrel
I fell in love with the girl with the double barrel

Me, I'm the best
The best she ever had
J Hus make the good girls turn bad
More time all we do is focus on dough
She goes uni and she moves o's on the low
I told my baby fuck what you heard
Get that paper and don't say a word
From Day 1, I told her chase that profit
Real G, stay quiet while the fake ones gossip
That's my baby, that's my homegirl
That's my rider, find your own girl
Eye candy, she make you bust before foreplay
She's got a long double barrel, that's her forte
Uh, you'll get lit up with ease
She buss shots, then she fix up her weave
She'll be coming back around if she misses
And I'm always going back around, that's my Mrs

New money, new enemies
Got me sending shots in a new direction
All the money they gon' make off the trap this year
I'mma spend it on my shoe collection
I used to be a window shopper
Now they're mad at me, and I think I know why
I never wear Balenciaga
But I guarantee I'll make your chick roll back
But I don't wanna be player, and she don't wanna be a freak no more
She caught me red-handed, and she don't even wanna speak no more
BooBoo, why you being a paigon?
You know the sex was amazing
I give it to her in fast motion
Hit it from the back and watch the ass motion