Stop what you're doing get into
this groove
Can't you see the signs?
Carried away on a wave of devotion
With music pumping
The lights sre shining so bright

Stop what you're doing get
into this groove
Can't you see the signs?

Slip on out and slip on into his shoes
He dances like a plasticine machine
Some guys seize the day
Some guys got the way
Sweet old-skool attraction

He wants your lovin tonight

He tells you you're no cheapskate
You're sure that he must be the
real thing
Well you're damned if you do
And you're damned if you don't
'Cos your friends don't like his haircut

But he wants your lovin tonight

Oh seven brides might meet the
seven brothers
That doesn't mean that you are one
of them
Seventeen other lovers left the scene
But you don't think that you're the
Giiirl think about it

He wants your lovin tonight

Oh those days turn into years and you
did nothing
And now you wish you'd been left out
there on the shelf
Baby you're an angel
Doin things for him and not yourself

Those flaming eyes that flicker in
the fast lane
Don't tell of broken hearts he's
left behind
It's hard not to succumb
But you were stuck under his thumb
You won't have a word of it
Your mama's going out of her mind

This is not the thing she wanted for ya
Chained up to the kitchen sink of life
Thirteen years of negligence
But you're too far in to jump the fence
I bet you rue the day
When you took his lovin that night

So hard for you to see through smoke
and mirrors
How come you never look before
you leap
Well baby you're an angel
You didn't know he's playing this
for keeps

Can't you see the goog the
bad the ugly
They told you it was far too far to drop
Oh baby you're an angel
Crying on a shoulder made of rock

Ahh, ahh, he wants your lovin...
Tonight my dear, tonight your lovin

He wants your lovin tonight [4x]