Kodak, Kodak Black
Don't act like you don't know

Me and momo riding in the Chevy
Say my neck about to break my chain too heavy
Rebirth of Lou Scott Makavelli (ooo purp)
Born stacking bread like the deli (I've been rich)
So you can take it where you want
I'm kamikaze wanna try me? Suggest you don't
Oh, I told you boy, I'm riding the donk
Oh, I got shooters posted by my door
I'm from the Noy, yeah I stay Polo to the floor
Oh, my money long, I cut my homies short
From Golden Acres, what it is, it really ain't
I'm lyrical and what I be saying gon' make you think
I'm all in, I be solo, don't need no friends
I fuck with Lil Soto, that's my cuh-in-law, he get it in
Lil Jackboy, he just wrote me, that nigga he like my kin
I be up all night on M's, I don't fuck around with no Xans
Super charged, I'ma hit the game like a ram
You niggas lame with a lil fame on Instagram
I do my thing, I'm about to make you niggas flame
Ain't holding back no more, I'm finna make you feel my rage
Nigga please? Nigga what? Nigga who?
You running your mouth, your lips bigger than your shoe
Me and my pocket monster, us two, that's my crew
E-Pimp, that's my blood, that's my thug, he bring it through
Oh, I'm about to make you niggas feel it
Murder charge, fresh to death, I'ma make a killing
Oh, I can turn your state into a city
I'm a CEO, I can turn a Drake into a Diddy
Oh, bout to hit you niggas where it hurt
Why you go so hard? Why they put Wayne head all on my shirt?
I'm riding on 26 plus 4's, free Lil Turk
He just caught 30, that shit'll make me go berserk
Punchline, I hit the beat with a jab
The difference between me and you, I pull up in a Jag
Fingers inching like a rash, fiending for that cash
They say "Kodak living good but all his bitches bad"
I ball so hard, my homie fouled 'em, my cast on
I rob so much, I'm in the booth with my mask on
Oh, I'm riding in the coupe, I'm the truth
That money running, I'm outchea chasing it, how about you?
You should get on a track and chase it too
I can turn a lake into a pool
My diamonds shining, why your ice look like it's blue?
While you out here lame vibing, you should be out here grinding too
They say time is money, I'm showing what timing do
Say grind turn into shine, I'm showing what grinding do
Lil Kodak Black, I'm the truth
Project baby, I'm the truth

[Koly P:]
You ever get the feeling that time is now to make a killing?
But you the only one that's standing round here with a vision
Everybody knows somebody, knows somebody, knows somebody different
That's what I'm tryna tell my people but my people don't wanna listen
We was brought up in a city where niggas, they hate on niggas
Bitches, they hate on bitches, and all of us is on assisted
Ain't watching my neighbor's paper cause that ain't none of my business
Niggas can't get it in cause they worrying bout how I'm living
Me, I'm my competition
Me, hit me on a mission
Me, I gotta get me, so I'ma make me be consistent
Fuck it, I'm all in, ain't doubting God's plans
Not on tour but I know they get easy in the end
23, I'm the man, I'm the fucking bird nigga
I done seen more chickens than Kentucky Fried Chicken
Ain't falsifying facts, ask a nigga in my city who the first one to get 'em, to get down with them triggers
I am only one man but a different kind of nigga
Left the game without a stain like a fucking place kicker
Anything, any lane, any time I'ma get it
Put my all in it, when it's empty fall in it, fill it
Go hard from the start, from the start to the finish
Done it all, college ball, worked a job, ran a business
Broke the law, broke a heart, broke my foot up in some niggas
Stab me up and shoot me down, but you can't knock me off my pivot

[One Grand:]
I'm a reaper, don't be hollering bout your people
I got a stick, it's a fuck nigga beater
Fucked the bitch cause I don't really need her
I'm on point like I'm blowing on keisha
I get cheese like I'm going on pizza
White girl, Ricki Lake, Mona Lisa
Nigga go and get your people then
Ain't nothing, ain't tripping, we can spend a band
Yeah, niggas getting crossed every day
I was taught every dog got his day
When them bullets go to spark and the dog gotta lay
Better hope to God he don't jump with the K
Mr.  by the park they'll break
When you getting money, fuck niggas gon' hate
Only real can relate
Four years in the state
And I seen niggas break
Better watch your mouth nigga, jumping on your case
Niggas in the skies  off of hate
Chain gang now dying bout the case
Know some niggas lying locked behind gates
Surrounded by them snakes
They be all up in your face and
Tryna talk the fire and crack on statements
Don't pen the affidavit
Man I shouldn't have to say this

4th quarter and we down by two
You gon' pass or shoot?
It's 4th quarter and we down by two
Is you gon' pass or shoot?
It's 4th quarter, 4th quarter and we down by two
Is you gon' pass or shoot?
It's 4th quarter, 4th quarter and we down by two
Is you gon' pass or shoot?
Gatorade on the coach