Ion catch feelings bitch I catch flight
I use to sell rocks now I'm rocking mic's
Imma show you what a boss look like
Run up on me imma hit em on sight
I was was living wrong, got my money right
I hustled all day, hustled all night
Told me life is a gamble but I was shooting dice
And ion catch feelings bitch I catch flight

They say my flow mean, dresscode nice
I'll pull up in a jag, used to steal bikes
Black nigga, not a racist, I was selling white
I had to stay down, now, my car sitting high
I was bussin' licks, putting hits, totin' heat
Jumped in head first, I was in deep
Pockets full of rocks, not a kid
Rocked the beat, shook the streets
I can't let them crackers down me
Ad put me on my feet, said my time here
Audemar wrap my wrist, yeah my time clear
And I don't see you hating niggas, I be going blind
I'm on my first class shit, I be so fly

I'm picking up checks, I don't fall in love
I don't catch feelings, I just catch a nut
I was dead broke nigga, now I live it up
Took off in a private jet and landed on the plug
Keep designer on my body, I'm an 
I'm a sniper
Run up on me, don't you think about it
I just poured up a four, sipping dirty fanta
I was catching the city bus now I'm in a phantom
I was popping down rocks, giving licks to santa
Project baby
Shitting on a nigga, where my pamper?
Cake like my birthday
Blow it like a candle
Got this shit under control, about to flip the channel