There them cracker go again
Freeze let me see your hands
Shit ain't go the way I plan
Niggas out here taking chances
Out here you gotta take a chance

Don't let them tell you that you can't
Cause I already know I can
How the fuck you finna tell me
I do whatever cause I can
He living off of pots and pans
That work gon' come back looking tanned
Think that nigga doing magic
How you whip it with no hands
And he wrap it with saran
We be snapping for them bands
Once I walk in you can smell me
We be louder than a band
I be smiling but ain't playing
What you saying, better be playin'
It ain't nothing you can tell me
What you saying ain't even payin'
Tucked it right inside my pants
I hope no one can see the print
I turn nothing into something
Remember we couldn't pay the rent
I just booted up again
She say that molly look like sand
How you think I get so healthy
Smoking broccoli til the stem