Aye I was just hollerin' at my nigga Cool and shit
Y'know he locked up, I guess he be listening to the radio and shit
He say he be listening to that shit
He say "Bruh I think you'll kill the beat"
So I got the beat, I had to

Stay on my P's and Q's
Breaking hearts, breaking rules
Young nigga stick and move, that's all I wanna do
Ever since middle school, I've been finessing fools
Young nigga keep the tool, toolie ain't keep it cool
They need to free my dawg, I miss my nigga cool
I do this shit for me, I do this shit for you
Only the real relate, I'm hungry I grabbed the plate
Now a young nigga straight, spreadin' racks in yo face
Lil Kodak that brutal youngin', postin' right on the ugly
So if you lookin' for me, catch me on 1800
All I know "Get that bread", don't ever hold yo head
I fell in love with skrilla, I'm still finessing niggas
One foot out, One foot in
Still try'na dodge the pen
Young nigga poppin' checks, wrist full of VVS's
Slugs all up in my mouth, VVS on my necklaces
Out here since an adolescences, I neva learned my lesson
I'm cool but the block is hot
Two door coupe, drop the top
I got yo boo here with me, I made her drop the top
You sweeter than some candy, no baby bottle pop
Pour me up on the rocks, pour me another shot
Gave me another chance, I got another shot
It's time to hit the top, the crackas let me up
Momma said wait your turn, baby don't rush success
Up all night try'na get it, you need some fucking rest
I smash her then I passed her, just like a fucking test
I pull up where you stay don't need no GPS
Zoe boy from Broward County, I'm the heart of the projects
She give me sloppy toppy, got her turnt up on molly
I need it, I'm staying patient
Stay humble, you gon' make it
I'm out here paper chasin', that money drive me crazy
Flexin' these niggas hate it, cause I just emancipated
Look what the streets done made me, life of a project baby