I hit rock bottom
I thought would never come up bih
For real tho
Thank you lord

Thank you lord I'm here, I never imagine it
It lil Kodak black, bitch come capture this
Ain't putting up with that, no I ain't having it
Been showing too much love but no more after this
They told me I'mma stop, acting like I'm average
Cause I be rapping but I ain't be on that rapping shit
I still be in the hood, toting my strap and shit
Stop that flagging, that's why shit be happening
Last time I let you slide, I'm a whoop yo ass bitch
Save the choke sandwich in my mattress
Aye where them yellow bones, don't want no black bitch
I'm already black, don't need no black bitch
Put yo hands up if you a bhad bitch
Bae let's go and blow a check at Saks Fifth
I said I love you, I was just on that Gnac bitch
Bae you know I'm being sarcastic
I bag her then I'm gone with that shit
Girl don't call my phone with that shit
Fuck it I don't owe a nigga shit
I been outchea thugging since a jit
Remember we was struggling in them prick
Nigga had to go and hit a lick
I was throwing rocks in a ditch
Now I'm throwing rocks at the chain gang