Breaking down this reefer right here
I need a beat though ya'll

I need a beat, I need a beat
Oh this the beat, who made the beat?
Gimme the beat, I'm on the beat
Feed it to me, I'm gonna eat it
She wanna see it, He wanna beat it
Bitch you ain't leaving, I gotta beat it
She wanna geek, she wanna boof
He wanna beef, I wanna shoot
I got the piece, I got the duece
I got the beat, I got the boot
Who wanna boot, cuz I got the boot
I got the juice, I got the lean
I'm on a bean, I was 14 going on a scheme
Armed car jacking and I got a sub poena
I need a beat, I need some reefa
Boy this a cutlass this ain't a regal
I ain't gunna beat ya I rather leave ya
If I got to be you then bitch I don't need you
I ain't the one, watch how you driving cause I got a gun
I got the drugs, I robbed the plug
She want some lunch, but I just wanna hunt
Nigga stop hating and go get some money
Nigga stop waiting and go get the money
Way that she looking I think that she hungry
I hit the drive thru and I bought her some nuggets
24/7 I'm repping and runnin
Boy that little money you touching ain't nothing
How you gon talk all that shit but you runnin?
How you out here but ain't getting no money?
You need to quit it, I gotta ticket
I got a bag, I got the swag
I got the cash, that ain't no cash
That ain't no cash, I got the loot
I got the boot, I got the juice
I got the juice, I got the juice
I need a beat, I need a boot
I got the juice, you want some juice?