"It's the will of the man it ain't the skill of the man yeah, we out the projects baby, we out the projects where we gonna live at son?
Where we living at yo? Where we living at? Huh? We living on East Side. Where we at? What part West Side? Central Park West somewhere?
And where we gonna be at huh? What you gonna buy your mom son? What you gonna buy her come on. "A house", A big house right?
How many bedrooms? How many bedrooms? "As many as she want". As many she want never let them see you weak stand up let me tell you something"

[Kodak Black:]
Picture me, riding in the two seat faded
When I came from the hood where most
Niggas don't make it
Kodak Black, Molly caps
With a Asian model feeding me grapes
Now picture that imagine this
Panamera Jim Carrey sheraton hotel
My bitch dipped in mascara Oooh
Foreign ride me and Polo poo in the Coupe
Top back, only two seats
Used to mask up lace my sneaks
Now round Tables f.b.g have a feast
Grew up in these streets
Turned the kid into a beast
Tryin' to get this meal, we gon' eat
Pull up in the hood giving shit to the kids
So they don't have to rob for it, like I did
Blowed basketball, AAU
You got me fucked up
I'll blow this rap shit too
They said I won't make it, my pride you can't take it
I won't fake it till I make it
Shouts out to tribulation
That ain't break me either
Close friends acting strange that can't break me either

Never imagine this cause I ain't have a pot to piss
So wouldn't go and throw out of
But picture this
At the top from the bottom
Even though they doubt us

They doubted me
Said I'm gon' blow it, ain't tryna blow it
My pain I never show it
They want my spot I know it
Said I was gon' be in that County Jail
15 cold cell, no bond, no bail
God sent the train I ain't jump on his trail
And I know Purp And Wayne watching us down here
Thinking to myself like there's God out there
But I got to thank him
Cause I'm still out here
Never thought of me, big offices
The same jit used to run from them officers
Came from the ugly corner to the spotlight
Let my niggas flex to get my spot right
Free bands, finesse plans
Willie in my mama kitchen whippin' like a chef 
Pyrex pots he good with his left hand
Def jam, even the deaf jam
Even the deaf hear him, even the blind see him
The paralyzed feel him, nigga onomatopoeia
T-Burn snitched he got him a deal nigga
Once I get my deal nigga, it's gon' get real nigga
Yeah I'm a real nigga
I just want a lil nigga
Can't take no losses
I'm a lil nigga
Paranoid pop a nigga like a pill
Nigga keep my lil seal nigga
Imagine when I get a deal nigga

Never imagine this cause I ain't have a pot to piss
So wouldn't go and throw out of
But picture this
At the top from the bottom
Even though they doubted

[The Kolyons:]
Somebody call the paramedics
Life done gave me all this pain and ain't came with anesthetic
Thuggin' graveyard where I'm heading
We busting and fucking over niggas
Dawg I don't regret it, they deserve it
I can take it I ain't have a pot to piss in
I had a pop when he was always sick
And I was outchea trying to fit in
I'm fucking with these niggas from a distance
I rap but you niggas pay attention
 is my bestfriend
Father God won't you send me a blessing
From robbing now I'm rapping, It's destined
Section 8, I swear to God it gets treacherous
Only reason that my mama been stressing
I've been up against the odds
Even when it's dark
Even when it's raining and 
Even when it's hurting ain't no sense in me complaining
Cause it's destined
We gon' make it