Project baby.... y'all recording?..cameras up? okay!

Look...Jit gone hit a lick quick and he can rap
He play ball shoot dem dice they like dat
How I... tote dat scrap flippin nates they like that!
Got outchea and since then, they been fucked up bout lil black
Keep my pockets fat, I love em like dat
Get down see low game cross town and double back
Aye lil kodak I'm from the corna! I'm from the noya!
Fam tought me how to hold that pistol straight and put it on ya
Project ho for a sight they put it on ya, train em for some crip, suck ya up for some zona
Ralp Lauren Polo Down Penny Loafers
Love robbing niggas I got tired of the poker
Blowed basketball ...and you!
You got me fucked up I blow this rap shit too
I done got back in school they say its the right move
I do me and keep it cool
Since a toddler I was brought up with that bottom boy knowledge.. turned a penny to a dollar
Wally taught me how to water whip, sticky palm olive was a jit like
Look at all dem bubbles at da bottom
Project Rugrat, I'm where they slung at
Copped the ounce dime bag by my nutsack
8th grade goonin, 9th grade foolin, 10th grade coolin might come out with a movie
Middle school... fool with that ball
High school... can't tell me nothing at all
14 what I was shooting was not balls, bout to be 16 they gone know bout ya boy!
He a jit! but he ain't gone run up on ya like no jit cause he dead broke and he looking for a fix
He a fool with it but youngin he cool with it go to school with it
He gone bring that tool in it
Cash for gold junky, ain't fucking round with no monkeys
Ain't fucking round with no beans, ain't fucking round with no dummies
Them cougars on me, oh them grown hoes wanna throw that coochie on me, just bring them social cards to em
...they look up to lil kodak
I tell em haaaaa takecover I'm bout to blow and they know dat!
Get ratchet with it ooo I love going on them missions
Bring that ratchet with me and they be like kodak you tripping
Cause I popped a molly and I be happy on them missions
I get real retarded, slap a nigga with that pistol
My nigga fam put that beast in me and I miss em
Jaw locked mouth all twisted on them mission
Juvenile detention center, SAME LIL NIGGA
From a loser to a winner I'm that, SAME LIL NIGGA
In a stolo! riding round dolo! do all my shit solo! car smelling like dodo!