Aw man I forgot where my head went
God damn lost the top of my coupe again
Got a playground on my neck
Nigga my chain swing
Got three models they all wearin' the same thing
Pull up, throw my keys to you nigga valet park
You can't even crank my shit up that's push to start
She say "Kodak you get on my damn nerves"
And I say "Bitch you got on my dick first!"
My pinky ring bout bigger than my head is
And all yall lookin down at my feet when I said this
My top flew off my zoos same color as my whip
These diamonds on my wrist same color as my bitch
She yellow bone she like L O L
You hear that smell it's so loud like turn it down
She like L O L you hear that smell its so loud you get it now?

You get it
It's so loud, you hear that smell?
Like the weed loud
You hear it, it's loud
Turn it down
I can do this shit because you niggas jokes
I can crack jokes on you niggas while I'm in the booth
Because I'm laughing at you niggas
You niggas characters, man
It's Kodak Black, Project Baby

Never know how I'm coming
They just know I'm coming
They just know when I pull up
They just know I'm stunting
Kodak, and you know that
Ain't fuck with me before rap
I been had swag before rap
I run the game and you know that
Never know until I appear
VVS Diamonds so clear
I can end you niggas career
True Religion jeans on my rear
She say, "Kodak you get on my damn nerves"
I'm so fly, I be shitting on Mockingbirds
Bang, I'm reloaded
My wrists frozen
The kid golde
The streets chose him
I'm back at it
It's Lil Black at it
Hopped in the booth with these cameras on me
Like a jack rabbit
I count up, no mathematics
I'm so fly, no aerobatic
I'm so high and you know I'm that guy
Money longer than Pinocchio's nose
Nigga I won't lie

My money longer than Pinocchio's nose
I won't lie
Every time Pinocchio lies his nose grows
But I won't lie
I swear to God I crack myself up dog
Imma do this shit every time
Imma keep you niggas there all the time
I be tryna let them breathe a little bit
Not finna suffocate

I got it
And I been knew I got it
I run the game you niggas lame
Wanna battle me? I doubt it
Look Kodak, Koly
I rock foreign
You niggas boring
C4 bomb  I blow it
I'm flowing
Fuck these hoes, I don't need them for the moment
Just fucked the booth that bitch be wet
She be super soaking
She say, "Kodak you just think you everything."
Make it rain in the club, see the storm looking out your window pane
I'm classic, no Reebok
Your girl sat on this dick and she called 
I meant that
Why should I joke?
Take notes to these lyrics I wrote
Somebody call a mechanic, man these niggas broke
Woah, a nigga swag stupid like Moe
Get dumb on the beat like Larry, Curley 
Freeze, my neck so cold
I got it
And I been knew I had it
I'm getting bread now these niggas wanna jam
Lil Kodak wanna make a sandwich

I'm getting bread so they wanna jam me
They wanna make a sandwich
A PB&J sandwich, I swear to God
It's Kodak Black
Project Baby, ghetto child
The golden one
They say I'm the chosen one
You niggas might as well give up man
If you sleeping on me, wake up