My nigga slayed a nigga, I just came from hanging with him
I don't know what really happened, I think he home invaded a nigga
You never catch me out here clubbing unless they paid a nigga
Why the fuck would I chase a bitch when I don't even chase the liquor
Hell yeah, they call me Kodak, but I ain't come to take no pictures
So icy make it blizzard and I'm leaning sipping sizzurp
Lil' Wiz still be kickin' doors, I call that boy a wizard
I was texting and driving, I looked up, I wrecked the fender
Why they say, boy you better get her so I blistered
No time to waste, therefore if I get her I'mma hit her
My mama say, baby you a winner not a quitter
Well not today, cause momma soon I hit her I'm a quit her
Cut the top with a scissor, turned my new car to a vert
I might need a new liver ‘cause my body full of syrup
Kodak Black, but I'm smokin' purp, thinking 'bout chief the purp
Rest in peace, wayne hit a perc, new boy down to earth
She knows I’m a beast at every angle, you can call me Kurt
Flipped her over by her ankles, locked her and she called me Kurt
She knows I be getting to the paper, I be putting in work
Up the road, playing with that paper, yeah I got that work