I'm young, I be sprung and
Sometimes it's just so damn fast
I'm not dumb, no I'm not dumb
I know exactly what went wrong in my past
So caught up
In what I thought it all should be
I'm locked up
So tired of losing parts of me
To all these niggas

Niggas gon' always be niggas
Can't afford to give my heart to these niggas
Ain't got time to lose my mind to these niggas

[Verse 2:]
I'm not yours, never was and
I really just can't be mad
I'm the one, I know, I'm the one
And I'm completely fine with everything that I am
Too damn strong
To let you get the best of me
Took way too long
To find the light inside of me
Fuck all these niggas


[Verse 3:]
Niggas, niggas gon' be niggas
Walkin' 'round so small but actin' like they're bigger
Actin' so damn bitter, lettin' go of their temper
I ain't got the time so I'll crop that ass out that picture
I'd be mad if I stayed true, it ain't in me to play you
If I took you down, yeah you can't talk shit cause I fed you
You was lost and I led you, a part of me, boy I bled you
Thought you was the one but you actin' like you one of these niggas