In the presence of struggle
Everyone has hope
But what if we run out?
There's no rich and no poor
No waves on the shore
All the trees burn down
We're ruining our own mother
Stomping her right to the ground
Then when we beg for forgiveness
We never walk the while

I know you can hear me
Feel you all around
I wish that you could answer
Or even make a sound

I've got questions God
Like why don't you tell us what we're doing wrong?

[Chorus 2x:]
Do you hear me, you hear us?
My city, my people
We callin', we callin', we callin'
On ya

The streets getting crazy
Just like the 80s
We're zombies and don't even know it
The sick just get sicker
From cancer and liquor
And nobody cares to control it
We all know what's happening
Some people only play dumb
But I can't ignore it no more
I, I won't run

I know you can hear me
I feel you all around
I hope you will answer
While I'm praying on the ground


[Chorus 2x]

Hands together
Knees on the ground
Heads in the clouds, yeah
Praying out loud
Lost innocence cause
I'm just looking
For clarification
On what I'm doing wrong?