I don’t need no summertime love
I’m not looking for someone to pass the season
I don’t need just anyone
But you intrigue me for some reason
You seem oh-so real
And I don’t want to taste if I can't have it
I could show you how I feel
But I don’t need to pick up a new habit

After June on through July
Then you go back to wherever you came from
Don’t want to wipe no tears from my eyes
I mean why, when I could just save them?
Cause I swear that I am anti summer love

After the summer everything just gets weird (so weird)
We’ll grow apart and begin to stop talking
I'll never forget those nights at the pier
Oh the first time our lips got to locking
And I don’t want a love
That is only temporary
I can love with all my heart
But I can’t let it get that heavy