Don't act like you ain't seen me in this party lookin' right, baby
Don't fight the feelings that you have for me tonight
Cause we're grown, baby, you know it
Want it but you just won't show it
Eyes glued to me like you're slow motion
Got you hooked on my potion, baby

I'ma act a fool with it
You know I had to act a fool with it
Tryna get high, you can cool with it
Keep on watchin' what I do with it
I'ma act a fool with it
No, no, no, no, baby
I'ma act a fool with it
No, no, no, no, I

Get you, I promise that I'm not wastin' no more time, baby
And it ain't no rules, I'm ready to make you lose your goddamn mind
Got that good and I know it
I want it, baby and I'm gon' show it
Eyes glued to me like slow motion
I got you jumped on my potion, baby


I know what you want
You wanna get paid more than the first of the month
Lookin' for somebody to come put you on
That'll take you to the store, tell her "Pick what you want"
So uh, go ahead and act up, I'ma throw this stack up
I'm always holdin' down the Bay, that's where I get my mack from
When I hit it I'ma kill it, that's fatal attraction
She want a G up in her unit like I'm Curtis Jackson
And I'll teach you how to stunt
Rich city nigga, diamonds in my gold fronts
I'm lookin' at her once and then she rollin' up a blunt
She say she comin' to the Bay and she ain't comin' home for months
Now she goin' dumb
And she know she got a goal every time she come
She wanna turn into a bro, I'ma make her one
And I stack a lot of dough, I'ma make a ton
Money maker do the fool, you know this your one