I miss you, where you been?
It's been months and I haven't heard from you, I need you
It's been months and I haven't heard from you, come back to me
Come back, I need you in my life
I miss you, I miss you, come back to me, I miss you

[Dom Kennedy]
What's up baby? It's been a while
You been good? I've been around
different girls, different towns
To keep it real, you missing out
I'll all bored, next city
Random cars, TEC's with me
Like I miss you so much, have sex with me
Not right now, look you know I got the ex with me
She like fuck that, I don't care Dom
So selfish and that really isn't fair Dom
Meet me here, where Dom?
Get undressed, yeah Dom
Yeah Dom, what you need?
Some bomb head? A bag of weed?
Good food? Japanese?
That's me on page forty in that magazine
"Dom Kennedy" you need that
She said nobody come close, I agreed back
I'm the nigga who used to help her pull that weed back
and she need me, believe that

[Chorus: Javonte]
That girl is smoking
and can you believe that I'm her focus?
It ain't hard to see she got me open
and together, we are roller-coasting, on, on, on

[Kendrick Lamar]
What's up love? It's been a while
You been good? I've been around
Remember dinner dates I was late? Mr. Chiles
Truant like a student, you the principal
Schooled me on timing, we was both shining
like the sun bouncing off the brightest blood diamond
I was Your Highness, you was my queen
You got over him when I got in between
Watching Martin on TV as it was T-D-S
for us to eat TV dinners every time we was famished
But it was such a pleasure to watch you try to hold it together
Every time I put the head in you would panic
and come right down like an avalanche
Make your legs slant, whisper till you juicing up your pants
Baby how that sound? Kosher, no sir
Wake it back up, Folgers posters
By my waistline, shout for your hard hit
You called it a hate crime, say you want me back
and your girl wanna date Dom, that's high school shit
4-0-1 K, we could be friends with benefits, you dig that?

I upped and walked out, now she crying cuz
She need me, I got that John Bryan love
Had to find love, we called it punch-drunk
We was a two-piece, she was a one-punch
You know, a knock-out, and if she was to walk out
my heart would go black, shrivel up and drop out
There we go again, what the fuck you talking bout?
We used to fuck all the time back at my momma's house
Smoking beedies, laying on the futon
Memories I got saved up like a coupon
And we'd be too gone off a sack of stress weed
I was broke then, couldn't count the best weed
Then she would just leave in a black hatchback
Homies from the hood used to ask me if I'd tapped that
I would say yep, smiling so freely
That was back then, but I bet she still need me
She need me, she need me
She need me, she need me
I would say yes, smiling so freely
That was back then, I bet she still need me