Playas always trying to pop bottles
Niggas love to pop bottles
Then get you a table, my nigga, get you a table, my nigga...

Pour up, drank, head shot, drank
Sit down, drank, stand up, drank
Pass out, drank, wake up, drank
Faded, drank, faded, drank

[Jay Rock]
No syrup in this cup but this that po' up
When you see me po' up, turn up til you throw up
Like a bulemic fiending, for hurl over them toilets
If I run out of liquor in your city, yo where the store at?
One bottle, two bottles I'm a soldier, never sober
Cup runneth over, don't give a fuck about cirrhosis
One life, that's all we have, OK lets toast to that
Then dive in a pool full of liquor, swim laps like Michael Phelps

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
Nigga why you babysittin only two or three shots?
I'mma show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
I wave a few bottles, then I watch em all flock
All the girls wanna play Baywatch
I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it
Pool full of liquor I'mma dive in it


Used to wake up every morning to a glass of Alize
Hope this dollar shot of E&J will take the pain away
Aim and shoot, shots of Ciroc will make the girls get loose
With it we all trippin off the hen like a female chicken
You with it? (Soul!) Spread your wings, you probably won't get far
I honestly wouldn't advise operating a car
Try not to let the peer pressure get the best of ya
And end up giving it up in a restroom like the rest of us


[Schoolboy Q]
So it's that groovy little nigga known for popping them bottles
Under my pants be a golden dick, bitch, everything about me solid
Burberry nigga, them be my draws, Alexander McQueen in closets
Swagged-out king, yeah nigga I'm Puff, uh, have that pussy throbbin'
Someone tell me where the drugs at, I'm into that, twisted off them molly caps
Ciroc too don't fuck wit Goose; can I get a shot, swim in your juice?
Worth a stack a minute, everyday that shit repeat
I ain't tryna sweep you off your feet - bitch, did you see your tab reciept?


(Pool full of liqour then you dive in, in, in, in [reversed])
“Sherane, Sherane, Sherane” (Wa-Watch em all f-flock)
"Awww man"
“Sherane” (Girls wanna play, play, play)
Where is she taking me? (P-Pool full of liquor imma d-d-i-iive in)
Where is she, taking… me

[Kendrick Lamar]
All I, all I, all I, all I have in life is my new appetite for failure
And I got hunger pain that grow insane; tell me do that sound familiar?
If it do then you're like me, makin' excuse that your relief
Is in the bottom of the bottle, and the greenest indo leaf
As the window open I release, everything that corrode inside of me
I see you joking, why you laugh? Don't you feel bad? I probably sleep
And never ever wake up; never ever wake up, never ever wake up
In God I trust, but just when I thought I had enough

[Outro: Kendrick Lamar]
More, more, bless me more
We gon drink this mothafucka down, more
Bottoms up then we pass it round, more
Fill it up more, not enough, moooore
...Bless me more
We gon drink this mothafucka down, more
Bottoms up then we pass it round, more
Fill it up more, not enough, more [3X]