Uh, a lil' Compton nigga
Just a lil' Compton nigga, one time
for my niggas
You know Compton, nigga
Just a lil' Compton nigga, uh, uh
Kendrick Lamar, uh
Yo, uh

Back with a vengeance
Back with my heart and I'm venting
Back with another war pendant, salute me or shoot me
I never wore a kufi, ignored my religion
I believe there's one God, there's one love
and I believe if I fly, we all doves
I make a way for my people to see the light
Brighter than yellow bones, me and my microphone could be one
until I see BIG, 'Pac, see Pun, but this ain't (Eazy)
I can't take a (Big L), my city needs me
I gotta win, the proof is in the pudding
and I've been fucking with Cosby since I was ten, you damn right
Any means necessary, get the campaign right
Very emotional, I'm a Gemini
I love hard and I fight harder, a born author
A born starter, in the game for real
And the games appeal to the struggling youth with no father
You can't learn if mistakes ain't made
You gotta pay homage in order to get paid
You gotta pay attention in order to pay dues
and you ain't getting it till you start paying jewels
Lifestyles of the young and the broke
With my hand under oath, I recite these quotes
And if I ever lied then I'd die where I stand
as a pest, not a man, with a roach and a rat
In order to see the front, had to play the back
We played our position, we let y'all play yourself
Y'all made your decision, we pray while we prey on competition
to flip another page of Corinthians
I see stars when I write these sentences
Words crash cars when I write these sentences
Open jail bars for my niggas' life sentences
Free J-Dub, kill all witnesses
Y'all better hope 2012 really real
cause the way I feel, I'ma make y'all suffer
and take y'all supper
I haven't ate in the last twenty-two summers and I'm twenty-two now
It's about to go down, so un-God my God
We got this art, it's ours in awe
Oh, I'm free
Finally, I can say I'm me
The Kendrick Lamar EP a classic EP
The question concerned
I dropped it and gave the whole world my germs
Hope y'all infected, hope y'all ain't have no protection
Still I'm progressing, room for improvement
Make room for the groom married to his music
I was at the XXL just trying to excel
Networking, meanwhile my stomach turning
Wanted to be a part of it, catering to my audience
J. Cole running late, if he don't show up
think I can take his place? Ladies start laughing
No pun intended, I ain't being sarcastic
Homie popped up with about twenty bags and
fresh off the plane, I couldn't even complain
My nigga was on his hustle, I introduced him my name
Said I'll see him on the bubble in the future
My dude I salute ya, contributing to real shit
Talk about it, make the people talk about it, make the world see
For every emcee that I see tryna steal flow
Tell 'em build a boat like Nore
and take 'em to a place that I'm sure we all can blow up, boom
I ain't a star yet but I'm getting close to 'em
And if you see a wack artist, do more than boo him
Throw him off the banister, shoot him on camera
Then kill his manager, than hang a banner up
that reads you can't proceed without being conceived
by one album of the nineties
On Rosecrans where you'll find me
And all my niggas is grimy, but I remain the good kid
tryna make a difference where I'm from, where you live
Oh no, we've got to slow the city down
I told the homeboy pump his brakes
He said that he'd rather put the pump to his face
Sawed off, torture
Turn the saw off, scorching
Hot where I'm from, the newscasters don't come
Another ratchet got dumped, in the trash can
I ain't done, a baby in there with it
She said postpartum did it
Molested at eleven and she always reminiscing
when he was undressing, said he'll only be a minute
That's why a nigga always kicking something with some feeling
I should have been a dentist, I should have been a blizzard, cold
Flash, pose, flash, pose
A critic paparazzi got me on my toes
I wanna jump on 'em like a tadpole
Tadpole, assholes
Tryna kill my dreams, not elevate?
Those are not my dreams, I'll be straight
with a little bit of passion
and a (drive) like an Aston
Motivation from Nipsey or Glasses, Jay Rock
Mykestro, Bad Lucc, U-N-I
Dom Kennedy, MURS and Fashawn
Lady G, Willie B, in time
I'ma (blow) like a motherfucker sniffing lines
Go like I've never seen a red light shine
Flow till my heart hit the flo' when I'm dying
Heart of a lion, tell 'em get in line
and pass the baton, I won't pass it back
I ain't good at dimes
If the bitch bad I could pass you a dime
Haters better duck like I'm passing a pine
Know I'm the king and I'm passing you pawns
Pad of the hill, that's a passion of mine
Promise I shine
like two mics under heavy strobe lights
I'ma need to mics just to get my point across
I'ma get my joint across, country y'all gon' want me!