Take some time, do it slow, tell me what you want
It's about that time, girl you know it
Tell me what you want
I know you are my girl, tell me what you want
Why act like you don't want it girl, tell me what you want

[Verse 1: Logic]
Baby girl when it comes to women I've been around the block a couple of times
But you're the only shorty that's running circles in my mind
And in this day and age that we live in, and it's all defined
Why you so intellectual? Why you so damn fine, now
Hey girl, hey girl yeah I'm trying to get it
Stop it with all of these games and tell me whattup with it
Just take my hand, I'll be your man
We surrounded by infidelity in this world that we live in
But I promise I never give in, that's a given
I'm living for you and another
Just a brother trying to find a lover to cherish until he perish
With honeymoons on the stars and vacations in Paris
Don't be embarrassed if you get addicted to these kinda things
It's the finer things, fuck the haters and what the drama brings
It ain't nada, I supply the Prada and diamond rings just as long as your heart sings, so

[Verse 2: Logic]
Uh yeah
And now we back at, shorty pussy like a drug, and she got me cornered like a crack addict
Got my mind racing, eradict
Better yet it's erotic
You want it I got it
Look at what you started, way she work it when she on top I might as well applaud it
Lord have mercy I'm trying to get it
Rip it and split it, hell yeah you know I did it
Converse then lay you down like a verse, I'm trying to hit it
Baby I want it, always down to keep it a hunnit
With you my feet are never on the ground, the way I'm a plummet
Headed to the summit, so tell me are you really 'bout it
I never doubt it, you're the one that I need
Apart from you my emotions begin to recede
You are everything that I have wanted and all that I need
So shorty tell me how you feelin', worth feelin', looks killin'
I need it. I'm not tryna beat it and delete it
I'm trying to build and let you know that everything we sharing is real