When I first met you shawty you was rolling up
Had a couple bad bitches with some lean up in your cup
Yea them niggas tried the backwood no you ain't fuck with them
And I knew right there shawty that you was the one
You the one, for me
You the one, for me
You the one, for me
You the one, for me

Shawty you know you the one
Shawty you know you the one
I let you roll up my dope
I let you hold on my drugs
Woke up this morning you was in the kitchen
I thought that you was just washing the dishes
Found out that you was really water whipping
That's why I love you shawty cause you different yea
You ain't like these other bitches yea
You count it up and help me get it yea
When I come home 5 in the morning you know wassup so you ain't tripping yea
You know you love the way we living yea
In and out of all these cities yea
Dripping in Fendie Chanel, that 1st thing you want you get it yea

Smoking dope pouring malt we be leaning
When I'm gone for your love I be feigning
When I'm swimming all in that pussy feel like I'm dreaming
Cause shawty I know you the one
Knew you was the one


When I met you
You was with your crew
You had all the sauce
You had all the juice
Got your number that same night I end up calling you
You said you would call me back because the trap was calling you
That's when I fell in love
Cause my shawty selling drugs
She got her own work
She got her own plug
She got her own crib
She ain't got no kids
My lil shawty racked up
She ain't on no broke shit
I'm glad that I found her forreal
So glad that I found her forreal
And when I be out of town I be wishing I'm round her forreal
Everytime we link up its a movie
You don't care about none of my groupies
Sometime I think like why did you choose me
Now you got me girl you ain't gone lose me