You said you need some assurance, I wrote this song for you
I've been stressing and I don't know how to talk to you
I been dealing with pressure, our picture still on the dresser
When it comes down to it, trust me, I'll give it all to you
Before you, I ain't know what happiness is
That type of love I was missing back as a kid
I been living life on the edge
I been taking risks
I'm too young to worry about marriage and having kids
But you make me think about it
Like, really think about it
You say you just need an answer, I try to creep around it
But the truth is, I'm just scared of commitment
My parents separated young
Shit, I want this to be different
I want to get to know you from the inside out
I know you know I got a past, I know you still got doubts
Know I still do a couple things that you still not about
It might be a couple girls I need to cut out but I brought the scissors with me
I could be your care taker like sizzurp  with me
I just wanna love you, that's the mission with me
Just promise not to switch up and be different with me
Cause things change and people change but I learned that's just the motion sometimes
I ain't notice love was blind until I opened my eyes
Staying up late nights, we never notice the time
Even though we distance, I hope I'm still on your mind

(Yo what's good? Look, I ain't even tryna fight witchu right now. I'm just saying, I'm just saying, look, we been thru way too much to just let this shit go like that. I wanna make this shit work. If you love me like you say you do, cut the games, cut the bullshit. Let me know how you feel. There's no one else out there for me but you)

3 in the morning, I'm steady thinking about you
You on my mind so often I barely sleep without you
It's crazy, I'm not complete without you
People around me, they check themselves before they speak about you
But, you should know you still the one for me
Instead of trying to come for me, you should cum for me
You really need to stop texting saying you done with me
Cause every time you on that type of shit it just fucks with me
Cause I been going thru it
You know I'm going thru it
You know I'm dealing with family issues, you know I'm going thru this motion in life where I been stressing like crazy
And I been letting pressure get the best of me lately
But I want them late nights with you
Them date nights with you
Them all around the world, taking plane flights with you, its real
How you feel? I ain't lying
I need you
We been way too distant lately
Tell me, when can I see you?
It's like, I know you need someone who could be faithful to you
But you need someone to prove it, not just say it to you
See, I'm just trying to put these pieces back together
I could promise you I'll stay but I can't promise you forever

(Look I'm done arguing with you. I'm done arguing with you. Hold up, listen. For real? Okay that's how you feel? Haha wow you crazy. So what time can I come over? Aight I'll be there)