Wake in the morning my mind is all confused
don’t no where to turn or what to do, pour myself
a great big bowl of crispy bits of rice, the cereal
that talks gives me some advice [chorus] my
rice krispies told me to kill you tonight my
rice krispies never lie - my rice krispies
told me so many things you see, like how the
phone company killed kennedy, how oprah is an
alien and nixon never lied, and by tommorow
morning you gotta die [chorus] this morning
breakfast message was so crystal clear
it was so strange I couldn’t believe my ears
my cereal informed me your an agent for
the feds, the CIA they want me dead
[chorus] Elvis is alive living in New Jersey
thats right they gotta give me a labotomy
one day the aliens are gonna come for me
I gotta kill you if I wanna be free