Come on you gon follow us?
Shit, bitch we nationwide, what you talkin bout
(one freak is all I’ll eva need)
Aww come on dont be trippin hoe
(one freak is all I’ll eva need)
It aint nuthin but a ???
Goddamn, bitch ??? Myrtle, wit yo wigs and studs, shit
(One freak is all I’ll eva need)
Come on now, nationwide rydaz, goddamn right
Aww you trippin but anyway bitch
(One freak is all I’ll eva need)
Goddamn right!!! Ryde on muthafucka!!!
(One freak is all I’ll eva need)
Feel like you wanna play, go tha otha way, bitch
(One freak is all I’ll eva need)
Play on, now (One freak is all I’ll eva need)
Say, shorty sexy!!!!

Shorty sexy, lookin fine, heard you’d like to play some time
Wont cha come to tha crib, so me and you can freak sometime
Yea, I broke yo mama down, heard you like to get freaky now
Drink some gin, smoke some weed, tell me all tha shit that you need
Luckily, I got game, somehow to drank, betta change
Barely know tha bitch name, tellin me freaky thangs
Pussy hole gettin wet, bitch aint seen nuthin yet
No repsect, wit her tongue out, ready to put my dick, inject
Nigga please, I cant be, 2 weak in tha fuckin knees
Heard tha bitch had cheese, sucked my dick like a Japanese
Plus tha bitch is high, nigga dont gotta lie
Take me 10 G’s, told me skeet it in her eye
Freaky as she wanna be, sayin that she trustin me
Say she had a good time, wit this big, black dick of mine
Call me on my cell phone, when you wanna spend time alone
Jus make sure that nigga gone, promise you it’s gon be on


One freak is all I’ll eva need
Keep her suckin dick and constantly up on her knees
Every night I treat her right and make her feel good
I got her doin things that she said she neva would

One freak is all I’ll eva need
I guess you cant turn a hoe into a housewife, ha?

Situations gettin punky now, bitch dont try to change
Shit gon stay tha same, long as I’m in this game
All I do is make that cash, keep this dick up in that ass
I cant let that pussy pass, hopin that I hope it last
Money seen, money gon, call me on my cell phone
Sayin some ol’ dumb shit, sayin she aint even home
Damn, I wanna fuck now, guess I’m outta luck now
Keep a swift glove baby, spend a 100 bucks now


I cant be alone tonight, please dont fuss and fight
3 o’clock in tha mornin’, yea I know that pussy tight
Tryin to hide, hea I come, me and you gon have some fun
Drink a bottle of Moyet, smoke a whole sack of bomb
Make a nigga wanna stay, wearin sexy lingerie
Doin everything that I say, pussy good everyday
Cash flow, she gon pay, break me off everyday
Every hour, ching, jus to hang wit these nation rydaz


One freak is all I eva need[x3]