You think you know what’s best for us
Playin’ us like puppets why would you need a degree

To screw it n’ fuck it n’ for lyin’ all the time
Why don’t you let us find out what is it that you hide

A great example of how to build
A win-win-win-win-win situation

Who’s to say we need that sports car
To get married
You really think our self-esteem is that shallow

We’d say get that big mc-o-shit n’ stuff it in there
We don’t need snickers with wings n’ lights
We ain’t fireflies

Your bank is not our lord
You liquid is not our blood

Bullshit propaganda, bullshit propaganda
Sellin’ me things i don’t wanna, advertisin’ i don’t need
Sellin’ me things i don’t need, sellin’ me things i don’t need

And what the hell do i need?
And what the hell do i want?

It’s gonna be stuck to me, and i don’t see it leavin’
N’ i wonder why’s takin’ so long, ’til everyone knows
How i’m dyin’, n’ i’m dyin’ to be here
N’ everyday i walk the way
Ain’t gettin’ it clearer babe
And the wounds won’t stop bleedin’
You may keep shittin’, i won’t stop admittin’
Of how i am a failure
N’ how i’ve been mean

We look tho’ we can barely see
Who’s beside us, n’ who’s fightin’ us
Are we to be sheeps, on this land of wolves
We say no, no, no, no... no no no no no...

From now on, we will spend on what we want
You decide for yourself whether or not you’re wrong

Bullshit propaganda
Stuff it into yo’ badself ’cos that’s the crap i don’t wanna