Look at you with your bad self
Make me creep in the night like a mad self
And them boy had a chance but them man failed
And you went and brought a Mini with your dad's help
Look, you love to scream out the kid’s name
You have to give me a reason to spit game
I let you pose in the mirror with my big chain
Shit, I let you ride when we switch lanes
Got me laying with my hands tight
Are you bringing out your bad side?
And tonight, yeah, we’re doing things my way
Cause them man said they're good but them man lied
Look, what they're speaking is untrue
I let you buss back when my gun shoot
So you deserve rounds tonight
And if I come it’s only fair that you cum too
Girl, what you saying?
Never had a nigga hold you down like this
Never had a nigga hit you up with a backstroke
Never had a nigga make you sound so slip
Scratches all on my back
Girl why you gotta be so aggressive?
You tell the world that it's mine
But I think your ex man never really got the message
So leave that to me girl, I got this
And cater for me cause I got you
And 15 yellow and brown ones don’t mean shit
Cuh girl they are not you
Man I swear on my life
Every time we arrive it's a hype cause they wave when we bop thru
Like Kanye & Kim, rah where you been?
Man I'd be pissed if I lost you
Look, babygirl, stand up
Show em that Christopher Kane
Show em that Ferragamo, let em all know
Valentino on your wrist, oh my days
Babygirl, put your hands up
Tell 'em calm down, it's okay
And you ain't gotta go and get mad
Ain't nobody taking your place
Look, got me tied with some handcuffs
Shit, don’t you dare put your pants up
Million dollar pussy on my mattress
Yeah, babygirl's got me bankrupt
Look, made me jump up on my gang stuff
Cause the pengtings always come with the fan club
You know your inbox all crammed up
Tell em hands off or I make em put their hands up but
Back to the us shit
Straight back to the love shit
Straight back to 'your parents are sleeping, we’re gonna wake em up' shit
That 'we don’t give a fuck' shit
Babygirl love sick
This nigga got her love sick
She need a leg for them crutches
A ring for my buff chick
All diamond encrusted
The only girl I've trusted
But you made it clear that you're killing 'em straight
Expensive wear with your Vivienne taste
Never woulda thought that you'd grew in an estate
But you left that life with your vision and faith
I respect it, you never sign up for no guest list
You bop right up to the bouncers and tell em
"Have a black cab ready for my exit" shit
Ooh girl, you the baddest
Who's fucking with you?
I said I got a late night shift
And you said "babe, I'm coming with you"
How the fuck did you get so attractive?
Other girls ain't telling you shit
And when them other girls try step
Babygirl you can bet I'll be telling them this