Fuck your bandana, we don't see no colours
I want a holiday, I tell her "pack your luggage"
They're like "Stormz, why you only doing covers?"
I'm sitting on some bangers, you can go and suck your mothers
But for now I might just take a little tune and then I kill it
We're just warming up, I swear it's been a minute
We got the EP coming soon, we're almost finish
I just dash my boy a draw and tell him bill it, oh Lord
I'm the one to get it popping
I just phoned my brother Flipz, we're going shopping
Another rapper's talking shit, I need a coffin
And we don't care about your tape or when it's dropping nigga, oh shit
Promoter's on the phone, he's got a booking for me
I've got pagans on my phone, they say they're looking for me
Got your girlfriend on my phone, she got some pussy for me
I give my little bro the mash and make him cook it for me
All this talking's gonna get a nigga into beef shit
I'm on my little Bonkaz murder mile heat shit
They're talking reccy bout them niggas haven't seen shit
I've seen em turn from gangstas into pussies, nigga, real quick, real quick
Real quick, run Stormz, run Stormz
Please Stormz, that nigga's got a gun, Stormz
They love Stormz, so if that nigga bun Stormz
They'll come for him, you can put that on my unborn
This is the come-up
You're talking dough but you can't even bring your son up
They always miss but they just love the fancy run-up
Selfies with my bitch, we're taking pics, she's looking tun up
And yeah man, I've gotta put em on my brothers waiting for me
I just had a meeting with the man, he told me play it from me
I ain't even saying nuttin', please just keep on praying for me
Still a couple niggas that still got a couple favours from me
But we're gonna cash em all in when we need it
Heard your songs, they're kind of wet, yeah, I don't feel it
They couldn't say it to my face, they have to tweet it
Still thinking why they got me on the remix, that's some other shit
You wanted more, I dropped the second quarter for him
If he needs it then I've got it, yeah, I'll sort it for him
Yeah, we're humble, you won't ever know I bought it for him
That brudda's thirsty, can we please just get some water for him?
One litre, two litres, three litres, man, he's thirsty
Couple man on road are in their thirties
My brother stabbed me in my back, he done me dirty
And if I'm down, my brudda [?] might reimburse me
Real nigga shit, real nigga shit, yeah
Real nigga shit, real nigga shit, yeah