I come through; she's sitting on my bed
Pretty women in a dress but I'm trying to paint the scene like the image in my head
She text me before saying what she really needs really can't be delivered in a text
Said I'm letting off a trigger in her chest, she needs to see a nigga in the flesh
So now I'm kissing on her neck, my fingers slide to the middle of her legs
Then I creep inside and she shivers when I pressed, I free her mind and I'm killing her regrets
I show how I differ from the rest and she wants more so I'm just fulfilling her request
Wants an encore even when we finish we reset
Put a rum board baby girl's giving it her best
We're far gone, now don't go and ruin our escape
Cause we're far from the city and you're way too pretty to be screwing up your face
Cut all that mad shit that you talk, just put some mad shit in my thoughts
Three rounds that's a hat-trick, oh my lord
That girl must of practise on my course
Got a mind and a [?], I watch her mind unfold
She's riding me slow, with the lights down low

Let me lay you down, let me make you smile
Only one chance let me make it count
Let me break it down

I don't really know too much about your past
But baby just shush, cause you already said that you wanna make it last
Go and smoke that kush, I'll be right here, I'm here all day
I like you too but I won't say it
You can't tune out, ca I won't stay
Tried to run game but you really won't play
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down
Let me lay you down