What you're about to hear is material that has been written and recorded in 168 hours.
Many believe an accomplishment of this stature is staged or over-exaggerated in some way, shape or form.
To some, this may even be deemed impossible. However, opinions and views cannot dispute fact. 7 days, 1 week, 168 hours. 168, the mixtape

You know what it is, yeah? It's not even the fact that I'm, that I'm underrated or, or the fact that I'm, I'm being slept on. It's the, it's the fact that people don't think I'm a threat, do you understand? People don't think that I'm, that I'm one to be, to be looked out for, one to be watched. And that's when it becomes a problem, that's when I have to rise up and become a problem, do you understand? Cause last year I put out some unprecedented shit. You know what I'm saying? So, but man can see me, and to know what I'm on, and man still want to sleep on me, I'm gonna have to, I'm gonna have to rise up and become a problem. I'm gonna have to kill everyone. That's what it basically is

Look, I'm a fucking problem
And these rappers just don't seem to comprehend
And all these little niggas wanna hype up on the Twitter
Then salute me when I buck and when they see me on the ends
Hate when bruddas stalk me on my ones and try approach me like a dummy
Then they crumble when they see me with my friends
These rappers is pricks, I'm back on my shit, I carry my strip
And see them dickheads, I will not feature with them
They let the beast out of the pen, they let me out my cage
I'm a [?] to the game, I will not speak of it again
Went from grime to rap and nowadays I'm kinda back
But sometimes I just feel to go and fucking cheat on it again
Had to free the realness, come and tell me what the deal is
And plus I fucking sick, illness is leaking out my pen
Had the rap game sussed, was about to fucking buss
But the condom split, I ain't beating it again
So I missed him with the shot, but I caught him on the rebound
Mic check, check 1-2, can I speak now?
Lights out, knock a little nigga for the [?]
I like to play nice with my teeth out
[?] from my conscience to my deep down
He said it's on Michael, kill em all Michael
Then I said "OK, let the beast out"
I'm like that nigga Bane [?]
See, I bring a lot of pain, I'm coming from the block
They're saying Stormzy's in the way, someone come and stop
But I'm a fucking problem, that's my fucking problem