I'm still the nigga, niggas tryna outshine
I'm about to blow up, it's about time
Searching for the browning with the long hair
Looking for a shorty in the South Side
Call 6 for the mix, what it sound like
I get pics with the chicks when I'm outside
Tryna stay alive, tryna get the crowd high
Money on my mind, I don't see a downside
Nigga what you want (huh)
Catch them on the roads like this ain't what you want
Had a little buzz and you made a couple songs
But your shit's gone dry like, nigga where you gone
Catch them on satellite, nigga where your dons
You was talking like a G now you're telling me it's long
Still killing rappers and I'm still getting better and I'm still getting money and I'm getting it with cons
Little nigga what you stack like
Forget about your rep, what you rap like
You think I give a fuck about your gang types
We all know you're ordinary black guys
Brudda get your facts right
Grinding with Deepee
Yeah I'm tryna make that fire for my EP
You funny niggas dying for retweets
Man are tryna die for a retweet
I'm on my jeezy
I tell them not to fuck about
I drop a tease and now they asking when it's coming out
I've gotten smarter but they're telling me to dumb it down
And yeah I listen but I'm telling them it's summer now
Think it's time I shut it down
Saying that I crept up [?]
Sit him then I hit him when he gets up too
But hear what, Krept said I'm next up, Tefs said I'm next up, Skeppy said I'm next up too

Well I'm guessing that's that done

I tell 'em you don't want no problems
I ain't got a choice, I think I'm running out of options
Plant a little seed, I get them buzzing when it blossoms
I just phoned my nigga Swift, he said we're running out of coffins
I don't care about a list, tell the bouncer let my squad in
Like how dare you take the piss, I flip the script and stick it on him
Talking like they're bad, fix your face and lowe the bopping man
You niggas send her gwop, I send her shop, you send her shopping
Little bunch of fucking half hearts, link me by the car-park
I was on the block with them thingybobs and [?]
You was getting rocked, picking girl up in your Smart car
Think you're funny well you're not, get a bullet in your smart ass
Whiz them when that car starts, easy on the tank
You're just a little boy who thinks he's greazy with a shank
Still comfy in my hood, still got P's up in my bank
I'm a young nigga living yeah that's word to Rhysa Frank
Forget winner stays on (Forget winner stays on)
I'll grips the pad and tell them if I can't play, the game's done
You must have got my name wrong (You must have got my name wrong)
I just let them use my flow then kill them with the same one
See I get mad love because I've been around
Do the job when I'm whizzing round
Fuck your raps, I might write a hook and a single hook, I'm a singer now
Couldn't care what them niggas on
Couldn't care if I'm slipping don
Mother's life, my Brother's riding on the other side with my slippers on
Now I'm all up in the booth I'm tryna get what I deserve
All this pressure on my back, this shit's a blessing and a curse
Fire and I shoot them, put that fire in the verse
Where's my Fire in the Booth, I've still got fire in my curve
Three man, two sticks, eight arms and a whip
Don't talk then I lose it, stay calm then I flip
Fuck boy tried to tell me that Ray's hard but I'm shit
Yeah Ray's fam so that's calm but [?] you're a prick