I got a letter in the mail today
I’m sorry to say but I’ll be going away for a while
I’ll sit you down and tell you how
I’m going to miss you

All that I can do is hope to God
I’ll be home to kiss you
One more time
Before the wind takes me away

I’ll sit here and I’ll reminisce
About the things I know
I’m going to miss the most
About the boy I know
I’ll never see grow old

I’ll write these letters to you son
I don’t think that will be enough
I’ll fire these bullets made of love
Just know they were for you
I’m not a hero because I hold a gun
I’m a hero because I fight for love
When I go down please don’t forget
That I’m going down for you

We fired our guns, we marched to our death
We knew it all along it would bet he end of the road for us
Still we marched on
From dusk until dawn

As I looked at my chest
My clothes had gone a darker red
The ground beneath me felt so cold
Against my head

God, this is my end (goodbye, goodbye)
I’ll never see her smile again
Or teach my little boy
How to be a man