Uh oh, what's that noise?
It's the new year coming.
And Superfruit's about to take over.
Uh oh.


Yeah, Superfruit has arrived on the YouTube scene
Anybody everybody that's somebody gonna wanna see
Everything we upload to the interweb
Click subscribe c'mon baby go 'head
You won't regret the things that you see
You'll live all your fruity fantasies 
Sweet organic realness that will satisfy
Just come with me
T-time's up, boys and girls
Welcome to a Superfruity world
Hope a fruit tornado's what you're asking for
'Cause we ain't in Kansas anymore
Obviously we are kidding
We're just having fun, we admit it
And we love you all for watching this
Now tweet it, share it, thanks (kiss kiss)

It was an accident, I promise.
He didn't mean it, or did he?
(2-0-1-4, 2-0-1-4)
But listen, let me spit this real quick.
(2-0-1-4, this is what we're here for)
Let me throw it down, let me pop off. (yo)
(2-0-1-4, 2-0-1-4)
(Eh) Mitch you slayed the game,
Now you show 'em how it's done.
Here we go.

Yo, when I tweet you, yes
Does that mean "best friends"
Can I get that mention? (True)
I'm a little irritating 
And I'm patiently awaiting 
A little bit of attention
Am I part of the community 
Or just another lunatic
I put your picture on my wall
To remind me that it's not so bad
But I've been had
And I'm a little bit offended 'cause
You're never gonna know what my intention was
Queen will do what Queen will does
Now you drones are all a buzz
And I'm never gonna meet ya
So I'll subtweet ya
Comin' in the ev-e-nin' for you
Like Mr. Reapa
The queen of Shiba
The fruit coup d'etat 
I am the master

How did it feel?
Not too bad, baby. Not too bad.