[Verse 1: Logic]
Will I make it I don't know
From the bottom of my heart I swear to God I gotta blow
This for every time the world told me no
If I don't make it in this game I ain't got nowhere else to go
From the drama to the hoes
From the records to the shows
I gotta make it, and if they don't give me what I deserve
Then I'm a take it, I've been underrated, underestimated and hated
But I can't wait to look back and say that I made it
Cause nowadays everyone's a rapper and I hate it

[Hook 1: Logic]
Y'all don't kno-oh-oh-oh-kno-oh-oh-oh
Said y'all don't kno-oh-oh-oh-kno-oh-oh-oh

[Verse 2: Logic]
I had to face my demons and embrace all of my fears
While you was out partying, chilling and sipping on some beers
I was sacrificing adolescent years
Blood, sweat, and tears to find out what music really is
And now I'm feeling, I'm feeling like the moment has arrived
With Bobby is no longer living and Logic has revived
From his ashes, music, money, liquor
I'm fucking passed this lyricism that's driven from a mass to you bastards

[Hook 2: Logic]
Just another day, living in the hood
Just another day around the way
Feeling Good today, feeling lovely

[Verse 3: Logic]
All I ever wanted was some financial security
And now I fuck with bitches just to match my insecurities
Cause pussy ain't nothing, but my heart is sure full of something
Now I'm, colder than ever, pushing through any weather
High score flow, ain't none of y'all close to my level
Mental state of a winner in the shoes of a beginner
Visualizing my horizon through the eyes of a sinner
Noticing how the line between me and fame is getting thinner

[Hook 1: Logic]

[Hook 2 x2: Logic]

[Verse 4: Logic]
You know my steelo, busting shots like free throws
The young bandito, cutting records like they was kilos (ha)
Is it a blessing that I'm messing with girls that wanna undress in the back of my car
Or is it just cause I'm a star?
Or is it just cause I'm a star?
5 foot 7, looked like she fell from heaven
With an ass hotter than the devil
Please call a reverend
She was black and asian
Part Hispanic and part amazing
Women they feen' us
Merely because we are the keenest
My heart only has one love like Serena and Venus
You know I under mean this genius with the bigger {ay, ay, ay}
See baby girl I know you got some problems
Just know I'm here to solve 'em, revolve 'em, cock 'em back and dissolve 'em
I swear I take care of all them but you gotta trust it
Love it, open your heart before you lust it
Now bust it, what

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