Rise up this morning
what do I see
the beauty of JAH creation still surrounding me
though there is trouble
in this world today
I know that Jah will show and surely lead the way, yes I know

everything’s gonna take its rightful place
mother nature gonna take her rightful place
JAH children will take their rightful place

everything is written in the book of life
prophesy will fulfill
man will face more strife
but don’t look back
like Lot’s wife
for who is trying to keep it
will surely lose his life, and I know


they’re telling us about a global economy
but that is only working for a minority
while the majority
cries under the yoke of an elite society

and now they want to bring a worldwide currancy
and mark the people according to their productivity
showing no mercy
to the cripple, the blind and the hungry, but I know


now, don’t you deal with no negative
you better stay with the positive
’cause that’s the only way to go through
and everytime when thing’s are not going your way
just trust in JAH
and He will surely make a way, yes I know


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